Since the Turtlebot is yet to be released, members of the community are already creating some clones to keep them company. The Kinect Turtlebot clone is an example of the an automated robot that is used in order to map out a certain environment independently. This video by Youtube user  showcases his creation of  creating a Kinect-mounted robot and how it has image mapping and automated navigation. In the video, the robot is able to move around and with the Kinect’s depth detection, it easily avoids walls and obstacles. It also uses the Kinect to create a map for the user who in turn can use this for guidance or other uses. We’re all eagerly anticipating the Turtlebot and we hope it arrives soon. But right now, let’s marvel at the Turtlebot Clone.

For more information about the Kinect Turtlebot Clone, visit the project’s Youtube  Page.

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