For all the Star Wars fanatics out there, it would delight you to know that the Kinect is now able to bring your favorite robotic sidekick to life. The Kinect RD2D2 is a product of voice recognition and the Kinect’s depth detection. This video by Youtube user¬† showcases the Kinect R2D2’s functions. In the video, the user is able to initiate responses from R2D2 through voice commands. Talking about Darth Vader or Princess Leia provokes different beeps and sounds from R2D2. The robot can also guide itself through automated navigation thanks to the Kinect. Now that this Star Wars robot is closer to reality, we are all excited to have one of these. Now for that AI…

Here is a description by the developer:

“This shows some of the things that I’ve tried using WillowGarage’s Robot Operating System (ROS,¬† and the Microsoft Kinect sensor on my R2 unit: Speech recognition, people following, simultaneous localization and mapping. “

For more information about the Kinect R2D2, visit the project’s Youtube Website or download the code here.

Download Code Visit Website


  1. OMG. that’s awesome.
    I’ve been interested in doing something like this too, but right now, I’ve got a head full of ideas, but nothing else, not even an R2.

    I think I’m going to start with the vision stuff, cause that I can do without an R2, but as soon as the CNC router arrives, then one styrene r2 is on the way.


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