Pierre Baillargeon unveiled a video with him using the Kinect and Joint Tracking technology to remotely control a robot arm. He dubbed this technology as the Kinectobot. Using both OpenNI + NITE as his development tool and OpenFrameworks demos, the Kinectobot’s developer managed to develop this simple yet superb code for robotic control. Kinectobot is a product from the combination of the 2D live motion ‘puppeteer’ demo and Lynxmotion robot arm controller.

Kinectobot made its public appearance at  the 2011 Scripps Florida Science Education Saturday, Gardens Mall in Palm Beach. By detecting the joints and using the Kinectobot, spectators were able to control the robotic arm by swaying their arms up and down. While the technology is still at its early phase, Kinectobot opens a lot of possibility in using the Kinect in mechanized movement and has the potential for further development.

For more information about the Kinectobot, visit Pierre’s Website or download the source code here.


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