As the Kinect development days go by, we’re seeing rapid and essential improvements in the art of teleconferencing. The most recent improvement in the communication sector is having a Realtime 3d Teleconferencing with the Kinect. In this video by¬†Andrew Maimone displays how with the Kinect, the video display of the people we are talking to can now be viewed and captured in 3d. In this video, a step-by-step process is documented on how the Kinect Realtime 3d conferencing was made. The Kinect’s depth detection allows the computer and the program to capture the caller’s image in 3d and convey that image to the other caller. This gives both callers the opportunity to view the teleconference video in 3d, thus adding to the depth to the communication.

Here is a description by the developer:

“Thought you may be interested in this video of a Kinect-based telepresence system being developed at UNC-Chapel Hill. Multiple Kinects are used to capture a model of a cubicle-sized space in real-time. A remote user can view the space in head-tracked 3D (as if the two spaces were connected through a shared virtual window) without the use of any tracking markers or 3d glasses.”

For more information about the Kinect Realtime 3d Teleconferencing, visit the project’s website.

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