The world of animation and computer generated graphics is receiving a boost thanks to the Kinect! The Kinect Real-time Motion Capture with XNA is a instantaneous transfer of the user’s movements to pre-generated animated characters or avatars. This video by Andres showcases how developers are evolving with this affordable technology and the various possibilities that have been opened for animation specialists. In the video, a line figure, a basic character frame and fully rendered character moves and does various actions. This is made possible by the Kinect’s motion capture feature and the way the program was made enables real-time capture and rendering. Users then can use the Kinect and XNA to develop a stable, refined and affordable animation studio. All that their actors or stuntmen have to do is to do their thing and let the Kinect do the rest. From games to shorts, to virtual reality and full length animations, the Kinect is making CG capture, a possibility for all!

For more information about the Kinect Real-Time Motion Capture with XNA, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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  1. Very interesting, did you use the MS Kinect SDK? I tired to do the same thing, getting the skeleton tracking over to the bone structure of the 3D model, but wasn’t sucessful. Any chance of publishing the code somewhere?


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