The development phase of the head tracking feature has begun! The Kinect Real-Time Head Tracking Frameworks is the latest progression of the depth camera’s technology as it ventures further into completing body tracking. This video by┬áDavid Sanz Kirbis showcases the next step of head-tracking and the promise it holds for developers and programmers of Kinect programs. In the video, the user’s image is detected by the Kinect and relayed by the computer. A Darth Vader mask is used to mask the head of the user. The mask reflects the user’s head orientation, tilting and moving to the indicated direction. With a real-time tracking and display for Kinect heads, the possibility of adding and completing the list of track-able body parts is ever growing. Captured in real-time, displayed in real-time and now, this technology will appear in our time.

For more information about the Kinect Real-time Head Tracking Frameworks, visit the project’s website.

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