This puts the art of computer hacking into a whole new interesting ground. The Kinect Real Hacking using Virtual Environment allows users to bypass systems and important firewalls by actually destroying them in an in-game environment. This video by¬† displays this very intriguing program and how gestures may soon replace coding when hacking a computer. In the video, the user is plunged into a virtual reality scenario using the Kinect to navigate around and metasploit to be the chief foundation of the program. The environment is actually a visual representation of the framework of another computer/program. Then, with a first person shooter environment, users can “destroy” objects which represent the other computer’s security. Doing so will result into the user having full control or hack of that computer. It definitely sounds like the movie “The Matrix”! Gesture-based real hacking will have hackers giggling in delight and online security¬†personnel cringing with fear!

For more information about the Kinect Real Hacking using Metasploit, visit the project’s Youtube Page.


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