One of the defining features of the James Bond movies are the gadgets. In each film, we’re curious what kind of cool secret feature some real world machine will be sporting. Today, we’ve got a totally awesome submission that will have you thinking Q was behind it.

KinectHacker Paul Klemstine has shared one of the projects he is currently working on, an Android watch that gets spy features once hooked up to a Kinect. Here’s a description of the hack from his Youtube site:

“This project streams the image and depth data from a Microsoft Kinect to a Wimm Watch. When motion is detected, the watch vibrates to notify there is something to see, and if the Kinect detects a face it zooms in on that face, so you can see who it is. By tapping the watch face, an alarm can be triggered to scare the intruder away. It’s super cool!”

It’s super cool, indeed! Imagine all the fun you can have by having something like this set-up in your home. I’m already practicing my Sean Connery voice for when I get something like this set-up.

Great job with the hack, Paul! We’re definitely looking forward to your next cool idea!



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