Russ Maschmeyer previously gave the community a preview of his project to create a motion-controlled music┬ásynthesizer. This Kinect Music Synthesizer, the MOTIV, has undergone tremendous development and is now getting closer to its much anticipated release. The MOTIV gives users control in modifying the note velocity of the orchestra overlay based on the user’s physical movements. Based on the speed and magnitude of the user, the orchestra music changes, becoming stronger and more intense as the physical movements of the user become faster and bigger.

This video release shows the MOTIV at work. Users act as composers, adjusting the orchestra music based on their movements. The result is a fully interactive program to create musical masterpieces for the user and for the spectator, the gestures of the composer as well as the intensity of the music can help them relate to the overall emotion of the music.

For more information about the Kinect MOTIV, visit Russ Maschmeyer’s website.

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