We did a previous article showcasing the Kinect’s new-found compatibility with the Flash. But now, with the help of members of BLITZ, the motion-sensing prowess of the Kinect can also be accommodated by HTML5, Unity and Silverlight. This video release by AlphaProtocol360 shares the BLITZ team’s recent breakthrough with the Kinect. With these new platforms now having the adequate access to the Kinect, developers can now expand the range and concept of their programs. Also, existing applications in the internet that are supported with these platforms can now use motion-based commands. This will add interactivity and may rekindle interest for specific applications and websites.

Here is a detailed description of the conception of the project:

“When Kinect was first announced, we immediately began dreaming of the different ways we could use it to create engaging experiences that leveraged physical interaction for our clients. Unfortunately, in the earliest days, we would have been tied to Xbox’s proprietary XDK and only able to publish to the Xbox itself. With this breakthrough, we’re arming any Flash, Silverlight or Unity developer around the world with an intuitive way to implement physical interaction models into their work. Be it a large-scale installation or a desktop application, marketers, agencies and developers can save a great deal of time, energy and money — opening up the potential of Kinect beyond Xbox to any platform supporting socket connections increases the creative possibilities exponentially.”

For more information, visit the the program’s Youtube page.


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