A detailed 3d face scan is now available for the local consumers for lower costs as Kinect technology makes this possible. Through the Kinect’s depth camera, an accurate detection of the user’s facial features is then made for the disposal of the user. While digital face recognition has always been an expensive technology and usually a¬†privilege¬†of a few, this Kinect user-made program has opened the doors for many users. This technology presents countless developments of different technologies that use facial recognition (security checks, body identification, art etc.).

Here is a detailed description of this technology by the makers:

“We present a simple algorithm for computing a high quality personalized avatar from a single color image and the corresponding depth map which have been captured by Microsoft’s Kinect sensor. Due to the low market price of our hardware setup, 3D face scanning becomes feasible for home use. The proposed algorithm combines the advantages of robust non-rigid registration and fitting of a morphable face model. We obtain a high quality reconstruction of the facial geometry and texture along with one-to-one correspondences with our generic face model. This representation allows for a wide range of further applications such as facial animation or manipulation. Our algorithm has proven to be very robust. Since it does not require any user interaction, even non-expert users can easily create their own personalized avatars.”

For more information about this program visit the LGDV website. The code itself is not yet public but as soon as it becomes live, expect to see it here at Kinecthacks.com



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