We told you we’ll be seeing more quality videos because of the Kinect and we just have a great example for you! The Kinect Music Video – Nap on the Bow by New Look is a surreal and spectacular video which utilizes the Kinect’s body tracking and motion capture feature. This video by Tim & Joe showcases a select choice of special Kinect video effects which has contributed to the beauty of the said video. We can see a stylized silhouette of the performer as well as various special effects which is brought to you by the Kinect. The depth sense of the Kinect is also at play, creating a solid and accurate point effect at the object. With this data and feature, users can then go and tinker by adding different kinds of visual effects. What are you waiting for? Create your own music video with the Kinect!

For more information about the Kinect Music Video – Nap on the Bow by New Look, visit the project’s Vimeo Page.

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