Crumpers might find this Kinect music program interesting as each physical move plays back a corresponding beat and music. Youtube user¬† recently released this video of him showcasing his Kinect program, the Kinect Dubstep Bassline. The Kinect’s primary purpose is track the skeletal framework of the user. This data is then used in order to know which music will be played and at what time. In this video, the user’s hand and arm movements dictate the flow of the music. Slapping the hand downwards produces a beat that blends perfectly with the master track. Dancers will delight in this Kinect program as it provides a dynamic reversal in choreography. Usually, dancers adapt to the music but now, the music adapts to the user.

The project made use of OpenNI,¬†PrimeSense’s NITE Middleware,¬†OSCeleton and Ableton Live.

Here is a brief description of the project:

“Just a quick demonstration of some dubstep wobble madness manipulated live using the Xbox Kinect.

I’m using a MASSIVE patch I made controlling pitch (which is locked to a 3 note scale for ease of use), filter cutoff, resonance, LFO depth, LFO speed, as well as reverb. There’s are mapped to the X Y and Z co-ordinates of my hands.”

For more information about the Kinect Dubstep Bassline, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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