Architects may soon find themselves buying their own Kinect devices for their professional work! The Kinect MultiTouch Surface with Grasshopper is a Kinect setup built to serve the purpose of communicating and collaborating architect designs and algorithms. This video by Dan Belcher and Viswa Kumaragurubaran displays how the Kinect’s depth detection can help create touch surface for short-day plan communication. In the video the user is seen preparing  and selecting various elements by touching a display surface. With the Kinect mounted at the top, the accuracy of the interaction between the user and the screen is impeccable. Various data then can be configured and edited through touch thanks to the Kinect and the Grasshopper software. The website explains the program/setup best and architects would greatly benefit from this program. Have a look and see how the Kinect has the potential to change the way we build our civilization!

For more information about the Kinect MultiTouch Surface with Grasshopper, visit the project’s website.


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