Turn any surface into a touch-based reading apparatus! The Simple Kinect Touch is a program that allows users to create multitouch surfaces. This video by Ignacio Aguirre displays how, with only a Kinect, any display surface have the touch-based feature. In this video, a display surface with water effects can be manipulated through touch. The surface itself cannot capture touch-based gestures but with the Kinect, hand and finger tracking enables this surface to respond like it is a touch-based surface. The water effect then responds to the users hand and fingers, having a trail of waves . This kind of development and concept brings users the features and benefits of a touch-based surface with a cheaper cost. With the possibility of having any surface turn into a interactive touch media, we might be soon seeing your very wall turn into a touch-based surface.

For more information about the Simple Kinect Touch program visit the project’s website or download the code here.

Download Code

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