Have your movements customize the very sound and video being played! The Kinect Movement Video Editing with Tryplex turns movement into a video editing tool! This video by Jonathan Hammond displays how the Tryplex program, with its accurate hand Kinect detection makes this program possible. In the video, 2 screens are presented, one is for the featured music video and the other one is the actual video of the user. The user then interacts with specific points in the program in order to repeat, stop, forward and change effects of the existing video. The result is a fluid sync of audio and visual presentation with a creative movement from the user. The increasing variety of artistic products from the Kinect is definitely catching attention and be prepared to see more in the coming days and months!

For more information about the Kinect Movement Video Editing with Tryplex, visit the project’s website or download the code here.

Download Code Visit Website


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