Here is a great Kinect feature that uses the motion capture technology that the Kinect community has created for the depth camera device. Vodafone’s cult icon, the ZooZoo is the latest avatar to be used in showcasing the Kinect’s technological prowess. Dancing at the beat of relaxed yet catchy reggae music, the ZooZoo provided an entertaining video for users out there. Many are already familiar in using the Kinect  for motion capture and the device itself has given the possibility of mocap art and manipulation to various users. What is striking with this program is the dancing that is involved as well as using this popular yet niche figure. The Kinect then is proving to be a reliable instrument when it comes to creating music videos and motion capture animation.

Here is a description by the developer:

This video has been captured real-time using Vodafone 3G Super Zoozoo 3D-artwork and real life body movements. The video has been made using Microsoft Kinect capturing real movements of a Human body and appyling those movements to Vodafone 3G Super Zoozoo. The interactive layer was mixed with visuals in the background to portray Super Zoozoo coming to our world.

The concept of this was to make movements of Vodafone 3G Super Zoozoo real by capturing  movements of Human body using Microsoft Kinect.

For more information about the Kinect ZooZoo, visit the project’s website.

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