Integration has been a constant companion of the Kinect and now, Nokia Phones are feeling the technological prowess! The Kinect Mobile NI for Nokia allows users to systematically connect Nokia Phones with Microsoft’s depth camera device. This video by┬áDanny Cortes showcases the potential of such integration and a demonstration through a simple video game application. In the videom the user is seen tapping at the Nokia touch screen phone. Another player stands in front of the Kinect. The Nokia holder taps on the touch screen, summoning virtual balls that will fly towards the other player. The Kinect user then has to gesture their arms in order to protect itself from the ball, dispensing it and properly defending the territory earns victory. Such device integration will definitely change the way we look at devices and the accessibility of such things will push the age of technology to a new level!

For more information about the Kinect Mobile NI for Nokia, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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