Can we play MIDI files using the Kinect on Apple’s Mac? Well, question answered as this latest Kinect program features the user’s ability to use gestures to play MIDI files on Apple’s intricate laptop. The KMIDIC or the Kinect MIDI Controller is the latest program to feature the Kinect’s compatibility with the Mac. Youtube user displays this video on how the developer has managed to configure the Kinect with the Mac OS.¬†While the OSX of the Mac is by far, one of the hardest operating system to tweak for the Kinect’s benefit, the Kinect community is surely finding ways in integrating Kinect softwares. If a proper and clean process is made, then we’ll definitely see a new wave of Kinect hacks that exploit the Mac and its OS’ capabilities. Meanwhile, you can entertain yourself in viewing this Kinect Mac program that enables users to use hand movements to play MIDI files.

Here is a description by the developer:

“Basically, the Kinect is sending the location of my hand to Processing which is in turn sending MIDI note on messages to both Ableton Live and the Novation Launchpad. In this version, I have separated the grid into 4 quadrants, each on playing a different MIDI note that is going into 2 channels in live. The first channel has an arpeggiator triggering an Impulse drum kit, and the second channel has an arpeggiated synth. The lights on the Launchpad are also set to light up each of the quadrants as they are triggered.”

For more information about the Kinect MIDI Controller for Mac, visit the project’s website or check out the developer’s blog insights and commentaries.

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