We are graced by another great Kinect-medical program that gives doctors remote, gesture-based control on examining medical images. This video by shows how a user can control medical images using only hand and arm movements. Either for diagnosis or research, this ability to view and control medical images helps doctors or specialists to engage themselves in an interactive way to conduct a diagnosis. This gives the medical teams a chance to discover and make better diagnosis because of the Kinect program’s ability to keep the interest of its users. It also helps the users in the medical profession to make lectures and presentations to be entertaining and interactive, making it easier for to learn and observe. This can also help doctors conducting surgeries who can just freely use their hands to remotely view and examine images to correctly be informed about the condition of their patients. The medical society is clearly seeing the benefits that the Kinect can give them and the Kinect Medical Image Control is proof of this claim.

Here is a description by the developer:

“In this video, an open-source system (MITO) for a controller-free, highly interactive exploration of medical images is presented. By using a Microsoft Xbox Kinect as the only input device, the system’s user interface allows users to interact at a distance through hand and arm gestures. Since the user interface is touch-free and does not require complex calibration steps, it is suitable for use in operating rooms, where non-sterilizable devices cannot be used.”

For more information about the Kinect Medical Image Control, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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  1. I heard about a Kinect-based visualizion of medical images in a operating room but this is the first fully interactive system on the market.
    Well done!


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