When motion gaming started becoming a huge thing, one of the things that people thought it could be used for was to make exercising more fun. This has led to various titles getting released that are aimed at people looking for alternative ways to lose weight or get fit. While it did prove interesting at first, let’s face it — without additional incentive, these are just programs that not a ┬álot of people will stick with. But what if we were to tell you that someone’s found a way to make it definitely more exciting by introducing the element of competition?

Enter Mario Kart N64, one game that I’m sure a lot of you have fond memories of, hooked up to a Kinect and an exercise bike. It’s such a simple, straightforward idea that I’m really surprised bigger gaming companies haven’t thought of this yet.

The developer doesn’t exactly offer up a lot of details of how he set this up, aside from Faast being one of the tools that he used to put this together in conjunction with the other items we mentioned. It does look like it could be a lot of fun. Imagine having something like this on multiplayer! You’ll be burning those calories away in no time!



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