Controlling Bing Maps with your hands has never been this easy and fun thanks to the Kinect. The Kinect Bing Maps is an intuitive platform which uses gestures in exploring and browsing through various city outlines. András Velvárt recently shared this video showcasing the program’s easy to use gesture-controls and how this can help users access different bing maps available. In the video, the user is seen standing at a certain area in order to control the Bing Map in the screen. The Kinect detect’s the user’s gestures, which corresponds to features such as zooming in and out, browsing, tilting the view up or down and selecting specific locations. With maps already a given to Kinect developers, hackers have then made it a point to further sharpen the features and make controls easy for the different users of the Kinect.

For more information about the Kinect Bing Maps, visit the project’s website.

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