Artists and developers are now getting some loving thanks to this Kinect program that seeks to push the device’s compatibility and detail! The Kinect MappInect Alpha is modular mapping software dedicated in integrating Kinect for the better use of artists and developers. This video by¬† displays how the MappInect can produce a lot of detail and customization that will definitely appeal to artists and developers who want to use the Kinect for their works. In the video, the developer narrates the different features of the MappInect Alpha Software. From status displays of XYZ axis to distance checks, the Kinect MappInect Alpha promises more detailed¬†customization.

Here is a description by the developers:

MappInect is a modular mapper that has been made for artists and developers, to make the conception and development of live performances easier.

It is about getting about any information we need from the user and sending them to other softwares like ableton live, flash, unity, or pretty much whatever you want.

It retrieves skeletal information from the Kinect and processes them depending on mapping rules located in an user defined xml file.

Some cool features :
– Mapping between skeleton joints and custom 3d points
– Complex mapping like distance or rotation between joints
– Full input control with custom min and max value mapping
– Boolean mapping with extra effects like triggers and toggles
– Conditionnal mapping with multiple processors and operators (AND, OR …)
– Infinite combinations with recursal nesting handling of processors.
– Live mapping set sequencing with action triggers.
– Super cool blue and green feedback with nice labels
– MIDI, OSC and DMX output

For more information about the Kinect MappInect Alpha, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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