For upcoming crews with delicate tasks, the Kinect will be your buddy in instructing you with the tasks and information you need! The Kinect Maintenance Training is a practical application of the Kinect wherein manpower are immersed in a virtual replica of their work site as a means to inform and train them. This video by Espen Nystad showcases this brilliant program and the potential it has to impart needed skills and knowledge in order to be ready for work. In the video, the user is immersed in the virtual work site so that the user can tour and get familiar with. With the Kinect, the user can move and gesture his way around the virtual world. He can walk around and even disassemble equipment using his feet and arms. This program not only gives the new men at work knowledge, but it also saves time and money by not halting production and expending needed manpower in order to accommodate new hires. Whether you’re gearing up to be the new engineer or foreman, you don’t need to fear the lack of training all thanks to the Kinect!

For more information about the Kinect Maintenance Training, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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  1. My name is Thomas Zandstra and I’m working as a consultant with a manufacturing company in Holland Michigan, USA. We are looking to develop a virtual training program for the employees in a similar fashion as seen in this video. Please e-mail me with any info, I would love to get in contact with you.


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