We will never tire of the different magic tricks that the great modern magician Moulla can conjure with the Kinect. This brilliant illusionist has proven to the Kinect community and to the world that the Kinect can be used to dazzle audiences with great magic tricks. The latest one we’re seeing involves the use of a projector and interactive images. In this video, Moulla can conjure a virtual fire that he can manipulate using his hands. Another trick seen is the transition of virtual cards becoming real through the hands of Moulla. A magic staff also experienced the same magic conjuration to the delight of all. Last but definitely not the least, Moulla conjured a beautiful woman from becoming virtual to becoming real. This Kinect was primarily in charge of having interactive virtual elements that the magician was able to use. Using FAAST and 3dVIA, this augmented reality showcase gives magicians a bright and new possibility of entertaining the audience.

For more information about the Kinect Magic Tricks by the Great Moulla, visit the project’s website.

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