Now you can dwell inside a painting masterpiece or have your own world be turned into a canvass of art! The Kinect Living Painting is a spectacular art-oriented hack which uses the Kinect’s depth detection and video capture to put the user and his environment into a state of living painted art. This video by¬†Matt Lockyer showcases the brilliant visuals that one can achieve with the program as well as the Kinect. In the video, the user is captured and then his whole background is transformed to become the painting selected. With slow moving effects as well as the feel of various color palettes blending, the program achieves that living painting vibe. The user can then move around as in inside the painting. The various videos found in the website is a testament to the capability of Living Painting to put art into life as well as putting life into art. Now that you can see yourself inside artworks you appreciate, what is stopping you from capturing that moment with the Kinect?

For more information about the Kinect Living Painting, visit the project’s website.

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  1. Great job Matt!!!! I’m also willing to go that direction with Kinect. I am working with C# (MS SDK) and I will use XNA libs to create awesome projects.

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