Now this is a one awesome, gesture-based sound composition worthy to see! The Kinect Live Looping is a great program that let’s users compose music through choreography. This video by┬áChris Vik showcases his awesome talent in both dancing and programming. In the video, the user initiates various sound effects and tunes based on programmed choreography. The user then dances and with both body and hands as the Kinect detects the movement and plays or changes the programmed sound. The best thing here is that Chris Vik choreography is in perfect synergy with the Ableton Live’s soundtrack. The possibilities of performance are endless thanks to the Kinect!

Here is a description by the developer:

“A live performance I did on June 1st @ Microsoft’s REMIX11 conference using my custom Kinect/Ableton/Max setup. I’ve moved on from just controlling a bassline, and now have it setup to a whole assortment of virtual instruments and loop them live to create entire tracks.

Music setup:
– Ableton Live
– NI Massive
– Max/MSP (making useful MIDI data out of the hand coordinates from OSCeleton)
– Behringer FCB1010 (controlling Ableton, ie. looping, switching the Kinect’s instrument etc)

Kinect setup:
OpenNI, PrimeSense’s NITE, OSCeleton”

For more information about the Kinect Live Looping with Chris Vik, visit the project’s website.



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