It is one thing to capture image outlines, it is another to get real time point cloud images from the Kinect. The Kinect community though has decided to push the 3d image capture ability of the Kinect by creating a program that renders 3d images in real time. Mike Newell created this program that enables users to render 3d images simultaneously with the capture process. The technology behind this program is explained in the video. The result is a blob or bubble-like mesh that reacts on the user’s movements, thus the project’s name – Bubble Boy. For now, it might be limited to this mono-colored mesh but improvements on this technology is definite. We can see not only changes in color but also fine tuning in terms of the shape captured and rendered by the Kinect Bubble Boy.

For more information about the Kinect Bubble Boy, visit the project’s website. The installation guide of the program is there.

Visit Website


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