Now a software dedicated in integrating driving games to the Kinect’s gesture experience! The Kinect KinDriver bridges your favorite driving game and the NUI method of control. This video by Michael O. displays this specific project and the positive outlook of the gaming industry towards the Kinect’s functions and benefits. In this video, the user is seen playing GTA using only their gestures to control the character and also drive cars. The hands are tracked by the Kinect and in a driving motion, the user can steer the car as if he is literally driving a car. This poses the possibility of doing away with expensive hardware and having the Kinect simulate the real thing for you. In this case, you can now feel as if you’re the runaway driver with the Kinect KinDriver.

Here is a description by the developers:

“KinDriver is a dynamic Kinect tracker designed to be used with racing/driving games. We’ve seen Kinect trackers designed for the use w/ games already (talking of FAAST at this point), which may work nicely with ego-shooters or adventure games, but have a huge disadvantage when it comes to driving: They only know 1 or 0, just like the real keyboard. But while you can (an do) tip keys many times in a short period of time on your keyboard, doing so with you whole body is even more exhausting than you think!”

For more information about the Kinect KinDriver, visit the project’s website.

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