Virtual balls come our way as the Kinect community creates more programs that can give users the ¬†entertainment they need. Always wanted to juggle but don’t have “the balls?” Worry not as the Kinect Juggling brings in the possibility of performing entertaining numbers without the need for physical material.¬†Tom Makin shares this Kinect hack with us by showcasing the Kinect Juggling’s features. In this video, the user is seen summoning virtual orbs. The orbs respond to the hand of the user and nothing else. The user then can freely dispense of the orb with one swift arm flick or juggle and play with the orbs. The outcome is a very simple yet fun Kinect hack that is sure to open a lot of possibilities regarding the Kinect’s role in entertainment and games.

Here is a description by the developer:

“Virtual juggling project using Kinect and the OpenNI library. Grab balls from behind your back and then throw them around the screen. With a bit of creative license applied to gravity I managed to keep three in the air at once. Please take a look!”

For more information about the Kinect Juggling, visit the project’s Youtube Page or download the code here.

Download Code

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