With a legitimate Java Wrapper for the OpenNI, developers are given additional features that they can use in order to create brilliant Kinect hacks. One of these Kinect programs that use the Java Wrapper is the Kinect Paint Drip. Arin Ghazarian showcases this Kinect video exhibiting one of his two Kinect programs that made use of the Kinect Java Wrapper. In the video, the Kinect is able to detect not only the hand but also specific objects (in this case, a bucket). The user then proceeds to splash the screen with paint and a virtual yet realistic image of dripping paint appears in the screen. The user can do this through his hand or by having the Kinect detect a specified bucket. With such features now available, we can only be thankful for the availability of the Java Wrapper for the OpenNI. Now, what other programs are we going to expect from this? Also, will we be seeing the features of this Java Wrapper available in the Kinect SDK?

Here is a description by the developer:

“I have created a Java Wrapper around Primesense/OpenNI’s Kinect driver called JKinect. Below is a description of JKinect project and its related links:
JKinect is a Java Wrapper around Primesense/OpenNI’s Kinect driver. Using this library you can access Kinect video and depth images from Java. The purpose of this project is to provide an easy to install and use Java API for Kinect. Currently, this works on Windows, but support for Mac and Linux is on road-map. Following URLs are two sample ¬†Java applications created using JKinect API. The first application is called PaintDrip, using it you can splash paint on screen and do some artistic filterings on it, and the second application is a simple drawing application.”

For more information about the Kinect Paint Drip and Java Wrapper for OpenNI, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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  1. Hi, nice video! I’m happy to see that it’s posible to play around kinect with java, because it’s the language I know XD


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