Kinect and music (or should I say the performing arts?) just seem to go hand in hand. Some of the more successful and interesting games on the Kinect are music and rhythm driven and we’ve also been getting quite a few hack submissions that are related to one or both. These are also some of the more fun ones to review and feature as they usually show people having a lot of fun with them.

Today’s featured hack is once again music related but aside from just using the Kinect, it also utilizes another game changing device — Apple’s iPad.

The video is not in English but from what we can gather, Rock You is a Kinect + iPad (2 iPads to be exact) hack that allows users to create musical sounds. One user can use the Kinect to produce sounds by touching colored balls on the screen while another person can use the iPads like turntables and “enhance” the sounds being produced through the Kinect.

It’s probably not going to be a hack that will change the world, but if the smiles on the participants are any indication, it could be one that could make it more fun.


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