We are entering a new era of window shopping and this time, it’s interactive! The Kinect Interactive Shopping Window – Ventana is a revolutionary way to entice consumers to interact and show interest towards a specific product. This video by┬áMichael Fretz displays how with the Kinect and a digital display, passers-by can know more about a product, whether it be in a boutique, store or a restaurant. In the video, users are exposed to the product on sale while the Kinect captures the user’s gestures and a display screen is shown in the background of the image. Based on the consumer’s gestures, the program can show product information in a creative way. All the consumer has to do is to direct their gesture towards the product and a small popup will appear containing in-depth product information. There are different themes to this program and entrepreneurs and businessmen can use this innovative technology to set a trend in marketing and sales.

Here is a description by the developers:

“Ventana is designed to allow the presentation of any kind of information. It could be used to present fashion, jewelery or even a restaurants menu. Ventana can be installed in any shop window.

For our purposes Ventana is showing two products thematizing the US city New York. By the mere presence in front of the window a user can navigate and interactively experience the digital space.

Through the use of inexpensive technology it is affordable for a wide varaity of shops. It can be used for very small interaction with the shop windows content up to very complex games and e-commerce solutions.”

For more information about the Kinect Interactive Shopping Window – Ventana, visit the project’s website.

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