Now there is a more interesting and interactive way in getting to know events and even, organizing your own schedule. The Kinect Interactive Schedule Viewer is the latest Kinect utility hack to come our way and it helps users keep tabs on their most precious commodity, time. This video by¬†in[visible] studio exhibits the Kinect Interactive Schedule Viewer at work and how this simple yet creative hack can give users a sense of having power of their time. In the video, bubbles of varying time frames float about the screen and the user has to pop them using their hand-movements. The bubbles burst and show the user details about an event based on the time-frame he just popped. This concept can also be used in order to organize one’s schedule but knowing what events happen on what time and also arranging them in order to build the day’s flow of events. With Kinect being the instrument for a more in-depth way of organizing schedules, users will feel more involved in the act of arranging their time.

For more information about the Kineect Interactive Schedule Viewer, visit the project’s Vimeo Page.

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