Have your dance moves create visual masterpieces with the Kinect! The Kinect Fire and Tears is an interactive performance program that allows dancers to paint a picture with their movement. This video by Leyla Nasibova displays how, throug the Kinect, movement artists can also be visual/portrait artists! In the video, various dancers stand in front of the Kinect as they dance through their creative expression. The Kinect detects the movement and the Fire and Tears program creates a visual representation of the movement. Colored stripes, moving objects and eye-catching effects are part of the program and all respond differently based on the movements of the user. Now, through an array of choreographed expressions, dancers will feel much more fulfilled now that they can see a artistic response to their performace!

For more information about the Kinect Fire and Tears, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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  1. I’m a dancer and technologist, and I love that you’ve hacked the Kinect to give dancers another form of visual expression. I’d love to know more about your process if you’re interested in talking. Thanks!


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