This stunning movie-made-to-game enters the Kinect Scene! The Kinect Interactive Game РSeediqbale is a fun and another commercial use of the Kinect in providing wide-spread PR for a product! This video by Ching Hsiang Hu displays this immersing program and how the Kinect can provide an avenue of fun and interesting programs to greatly publicize movies. In the video, various users are put on a zone where they can jump and move side wards. The objective of the game is to control an avatar and avoid incoming obstacles like wood stumps and raging boars by moving and jumping. The game then garners attention through its fresh NUI interface as well as the concept of the game which is closely linked to the movie. More movies, more Kinect games Рmore audiences!

For more information about the Kinect Interactive Game – Seediqbale, visit the project’s Vimeo Page.

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