As more companies use the Kinect’s technology to innovate the way they operate, it is without a doubt that the world has already noticed the great potential of the device itself and  the minds behind Kinect custom hacks. The latest company to use the Kinect for corporate use is Samsung by creating this interactive dance wall for promotion purposes. This video release by LittleMissRobot shows how the Kinect’s depth camera and various uses to the device can help the corporate world in many ways. In the video, the interactive dance wall invites 2 players to join the program. Their skeletal frame is then tracked and a digital avatar is given to them, a Samsung humanoid which imitates the movements the users have. The program is a dance showdown between users who bust their groove so that their Samsung counterparts would imitate. Users dance off and look at the wall to see how they perform. Imagine the old games like Dance, dance revolution but this time, it is the whole body that is involved. More than the potential games that can be developed, this Kinect hack marks the corporate interest on the device. We definitely would be seeing more of the Kinect and its impressive custom programs from various corporations. The Samsung Interactive Dance Wall was created with OpenFrameworks and Flash.

For more information about the Samsung Dance Wall, visit the project’s website.

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