Guided artistic lines follow your movement in this latest Kinect art submission! The Kinect INKSPHERE is an interactive visual art program that let’s users create animated lines with their arm gestures. This video by Christian Hüning displays how, through the user’s creativity and movement, lines of visual elegance can be generated. In the video, the program detects the user’s hand position and movement, mapping it to be the focus of the moving lines. The view of the program continuously shifts and the user can change his style by changing his movement. Vision movement plus the user movement produces an interactive and artistic program that definitely looks like the next virtual calligraphy program in the market.

Here is a description by the devlepers:

“This is one of 4 interactive art installations, that utilize the Kinect in concert with OpenNI and (for the most part Unity3D). It has been created during an interdisciplinary course between the Computer Science Dept. and the Design Dept. in the last summer semester at University of Applied Science Hamburg (

The INKSPHERE installation places up to two visitors inside a virtual sphere and allows them to ‘paint’ on its inside surface with their right hands movement. The visitors relative position to a zero point on the ground starts a rotation of the sphere, which adds to the painting and rotates the sphere through the canvas (beamer projection).”

For more information about the Kinect INKSPHERE, visit the project’s Vimeo Page.

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