Today we are in for a rare treat as technical ingenuity and artistic creativity join together to bring us this nicely done Kinect Independent Short Film. The “All-Nighter” was created using the Kinect’s motion capture feature to add an animated 3d humanoid object in a real-time environment. This project is a reiteration of the features that independent film makers can do with the Kinect. Usually, these effects require expensive motion capture devices and setups. The Kinect resolves that problem through its depth camera device. Film makers can now enjoy tinkering and using motion capture, 3d video capture and integrating these features to their video.

Here is a short description of he video from the makers:

“The film, “All Nighter”, was a recent finalist in the Lights, Canberra, Action film-festival. A Kinect, along with Maya (a piece of modelling software), was used in order to incorporate an animated character into the film. All up, the film was created in just 10 days.”

For more information about the All-Nighter, go to the project’s website or download the code used here.

Download Code Visit Website


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