There is no need to carry that big and burly sound board everywhere as one of the latest Kinect programs provide you with an impromptu sound board. Now, you can play your favorite tunes or even mix new sounds with any flat surface. Youtube user roboczar released this video showcasing his custom-made program and how any clear, flat surface can transform itself into a working sound board. Using a black pen, shapes were drawn in the flat surface. The Kinect then recognizes these shapes, fills them with color and then configures these to play a specific sound every time it’s pressed by the user.

But this technology goes beyond creating an impromptu sound board. This Kinect technology can very well venture into the education sector. This can be used as an alternative or creative style of educating children. Given the ability to play sounds on the shapes they’ve drawn, children would be more interested in learning and exploring. This Kinect technology can also be used in . Using shapes and drawing them in a flat canvass, an artistic masterpiece can be embedded with sounds. This provides two forms of acreating another form of artrt in one single canvass. Artists can also explore the possibility of creating “interactive art” using this Kinect Technology.

For more information about the Kinect Impromptu Sound Board, visit the project’s website. The code can also be downloaded there.


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