Tetris requires you to use your head but Kinect developers have taken that concept literally. Using Kinect Head Tracking for view finding and gestures to lay down the puzzle pieces, this Kinect Tetris game pushes the users to use their head in order to properly lay the bricks and win the game. The concept of the head tracking tetris is simple, the game is played with the top view as the primary point-of-view the player. The user then has to move around his head in order to check if the current brick selection will fit as it continuously falls down to the bottom. With hand gestures, users are able to manipulate the blocks in order to establish the right angle and spacing. This classic game with the Kinect twist without a doubt, adds more challenge to this favorite game.

Here is a brief desctiption of the Kinect Head Tetris:

“OpenCV is used for facial recognition. The depth value is then retrieved from the depth buffer by using the center point. The camera changes according to the face’s position. Simple gestures are recognised and used to control the position & rotation of the blocks.”

For more information about the Kinect Head Tetris, visit the project’s website.

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