Created by Ben McChesney at Helios Interactive, today’s featured KinectHack is a hand-tracking gesture experiment that, according to the developer, uses openFrameworks and iisu version 3.5, a gesture recognition middleware that’s compatible with all 3D cameras. The video shows McChesney using a grasping hand to draw 3D ribbons based on the hand position and  navigating the camera within 3D space.

The developer reveals that one of the things that they’re really excited about is the “Close Interaction Mode,” a mode which allows for a more detailed API based on hand and finger tracking. Users can use a hand pose gesture to easily toggle between drawing and camera mode. McChesney also believes that the long range interaction should work properly with a Kinect; he tested the iisu middleware with the ASUS xtion, Panasonic D-Imager, and the Depthsense. McChesney adds that the close range mode will only work with the SoftKinetic Depthsense 311 camera.

What do you think of the experiment? You can try it out for yourself by downloading the code for the entire project using the link below.


Visit Project Website


  1. Hello, I’m Gilles from SoftKinetic,
    I am super glad to see this very nice Helios’s application here :o)

    I’d like to complement a bit for clarity because the title might be misleading:
    the Kinect/Asus cameras do not support close range applications because their minimal working distance is around 80cm. In order to access “close interaction mode”, you need a SoftKinetic camera (DS311 or DS325):

  2. Just to clarify, the “close interaction” mode of iisu is only compatible with SoftKinetic cameras (DS311, DS325) and will not work with not Kinect. This is because “close” for SoftKinetic cameras is 10cm, while for Kinect it is 50cm.


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