How far can we develop the Hand Gesture Recognition function of the Kinect device? Well, the best may further be enhanced as the Kinect Hands Up shows us the possibility of even having the Kinect track  hand gestures. This video by Zhou Ren displays the various functions and uses that a program can accomplish given this great hand gesture recognition feature. In the video, the basic imprinting of the gestures to the program. The video then shows the power of the Kinect to decipher the positioning of the fingers and the hand, allowing a full-powered hand tracking. Games can benefit from this program and an example is the simple rock scissors and paper game. Another probable use for specific hand gesture tracking is the use of commands based on the gestures encoded to the program. This gives existing programs a great advantage for alternative control and commands!

For more information about the Kinect Hands Up Hand Gesture Recognition Program, visit the project’s website.

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  1. how does this work with matlab programming without trying to do the recognize arithmetic hand gestures? we want to recognize piano/athletes movements. thanks.


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