Our favorite high pursuit racing game has entered the Kinect fray as the community recently hooked up Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and gave it a gesture-based control setup. The highlight however is this toolkit which was inspired by the FAAST. MyoungKyu Sohn is the brilliant mind behind this new toolkit for games, the Hand Gesture Emulation Toolkit. In this video, the Need for Speed game is the “test drive” application for this toolkit. With the user’s hand motioned like holding a steering wheel, the user can play this racing game like it would drive a car in real life. The application can also be used in other games that require the hand gestures to be the primary control platform. This provides an even more accurate way to play games using the Kinect.

Here is a description of the toolkit:

“This toolkit facilitates integration of hand gesture control with games and VR applications. This middleware recognizes user’s hand gestures and generates keyboard or mouse events to control applications in your computer.”

For more information about the Hand Gesture Emulation Toolkit, visit the project’s website or download the code here.

Download Code
Visit Website


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