Wield the power of universal physics through the Kinect! The Kinect Gravitational Simulator puts the power to create and move galaxies and particles in the user’s hands. This video by┬áMark SubbaRao displays how the Kinect can give educational and entertainment value in an all-in-one package by simulating the gravity pull of the universe. In the video, the developer discusses the 2 parts of the program: the creation of the galaxies and the gravity simulation. The first part, users are given liberty to create galaxy formations with their hand gestures. The Kinect is in charge of tracking the user’s hand and arm and each movement. The second phase of the program is activating the gravitational simulator which applies a physics to the work of the user. Galaxies then collide because of their gravitational pull and various particles fly as revolve as a result of the gravity. Science becomes much more interesting now that the Kinect is put in play!

For more information about the Kinect Gravitational Simulator, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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