We’ve seen Kinect codes that transform you into superheroes or other animated sketches but to give you complete optical camouflage? Well, thanks to the Kinect, users may now relive their dreams of being that signature camouflage ability of the popular alien-antagonist, the Predator. This video release by Takayuki Fukatsu shows this intriguing feature of having the user fully transparent yet the body’s outline still remains. This gives the user that unique, camouflage look; having its presence felt yet extremely difficult to spot.

What makes this project interesting is that most projects involving the Kinect is based on the premise of giving additional features to the user. This, however, decided to go the other way and use the Kinect to make the user “less obvious” to a point of near disappearance. If the project would cater to Predator fans, we may see hand commands that turn this optical camouflage on and off.


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