Alluring and mesmerizing are but a few words that describe this artistic Kinect hack! The Kinect Gnomons is an interactive light sculpture which creates stunning visuals based on the moves of the user. This video by Jayson displays the different images that this night time wonder can create and share. In the video, wood piles are the canvass for the light show provided by the projector and program The visuals projected to the piles can then react to the user’s movement, changing colors or shapes depending on the current settings. The Kinect is in charge of capturing these movements and translating them to data. Users then can commence on doing their fun styles and experimentation and the Gnomons will surely reflect the user’s mood. Especially at night when the only thing you can see is this light sculpture, the Kinet Gnomons is surely a sight to behold. We love our tech and we love our art and Gnomons is the perfect marriage of both!

For more information about the Kinect Gnomons, visit the project’s website.

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