GlovePie is a programmable input emulator which is known to the Kinect community as one of the programs that are incompatible with the Kinect. Youtube user  though proved that the through a series of processes, the GlovePie can be used with the Kinect. The Kinect Glovepie+OSC make use of both programs to make gesture-based commands better for the Kinect. By using the OSC messages in the Glovepie and using the Kinect’s Glovenet OSC Client, this once forbidden software is now a welcome addition to the Kinect’s ever-growing list of supported programs. In this video, the Glovepie and the Kinect were used to interact with a program that plays MIDI files. The hand gestures through Glovepie and the Kinect were able to strike a virtual keyboard in order to produce sounds. With the Glovepie now usable, Kinect developers and users are given another option.

Here is a description of the Kinect GlovePie+OSC:

“Glovepie doesn´t currently support Kinect but there is a work around using OSC messages inside Glovepie and using the Glovenect OSC client which sends the OpenNi Skeleton´s nodes in separate OSC messages which can be read by Glovepie and thus allowing you to use Kinect emulating any kind of Input device that glovepie supports.

In this case i´ve scripted a simple scene with Glovepie and I´ve mapped the coordinates of the hands to trigget midi notes via Software MIDI-YOKE. There is also a fader that is controlling the modwheel of the Reason patch and two Octave buttons, one up and one down.”

For more information about the Kinect GlovePie+OSC, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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  1. Hi, where can I find a tutorial or any other explanation of how to set up and configure this Kinect GlovePie+OSC work around?
    I couldn’t find any,

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