A lot of people are interested in using the Kinect for more than just gaming. With very advanced gesture and voice recognition capabilities, only one’s imagination can limit the stuff that can be done with it. However, for you to be able to get to do something that’s worthwhile with the Kinect, you have to have the right tools for your project.¬†GesturePak is one of those tools that may just be worth a look.

While we have some free gesture recognition software out there, GesturePak has some features that may be worth the $99 investment. Here are some more details from the developer:

“GesturePak¬†lets you create your own gestures by posing, and then test and tweak them. A .NET API lets you load the gestures and notifies you via an event (or polling) that one or more of your gestures was performed.”

The tool however only works with the Kinect for Windows sensor and is compatible with Kinect SDK 1.5. If you’re interested in checking it out, be sure to swing by their website via the link below. Be sure to share your experiments with the KinectHackers community!


Visit Project Website



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