Photosynth is this very interesting feature which allows the user to compile photos and combine them to create a 3 dimensional object or scene. Think of it as each picture being the building block or bring for the chosen object. The Kinect community with Rahul Budhiraja believes that a NUI can significantly make Photosynth easier and more convenient to navigate. Now, with the Kinect, users of Photosynth can freely user their hand movements and gestures to rotate, zoom and view the photo structure they made. This video by Rahul Budhiraja shows how he created this connection between Photosynth and Kinect and created the Kinectsynth.

Natural User Interfaces are becoming a technological craze especially with the Kinect out for users to tinker with. The Kinectsynth program is a testament to the just how much the Kinect can improve an existing product in the market. While the Photosynth still lacks the the full resolution viewing option of each picture, the Kinect’s potential to use motion-based commands may push developers to enhance the Photosynth software. Imagine having a digital house made out of your own photos which can be viewed and manipulated with physical motion, all with the help of the Kinect.

Here is a description of the Kinectsynth project by the developer:

“Photosynth is a utility which takes your photos, mashes them together and recreates a 3D scene out of them . The 3D Scene created by Photosynth is stored as a 3D point cloud.

Kinectynth is a Gesture Based Navigation System for the PhotoSynth Point Clouds.It allows the user to browse photosynths using either or both hands.”

For more information about the Kinectsynth, visit Rahul Budhiraja’s website or download the code here.

Download Code 
Visit Website


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